Not Everything Sucks Book - MISPRINT

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Not Everything Sucks Book - Misprint 

Misprint version of this book: the page layout is one over so double pages don't line up. Thats the only issue. 

This Book is a record of the importance of the message; Not Everything Sucks. And of the strength it has given to us and the positive effect it has had on so many lives. In the two and a half years since the first Not Everything Sucks tattoo we have seen a simple idea blossom into something so much bigger than we could ever have imagined. This book showcases that and explains in depth the meaning of the expression. 

The book features over 100 photographs of Not Everything Sucks tattoos and a personal account of why they were tattooed and what the expression means to each person. It also features a foreword by Richard Davies, a brief history of the brand, stories from people touched by the expression and much more. 

This is a self published labour of love that has taken over 6 months to create.

We would like to thank everyone who was featured in this publication, without you there would be no book! Also a huge thank you to Matt Young who helped us piece together this book and did all the design work, without him this book would not look as sleek and professional as it does now.
A special thank you to Mr Heggie who created the iconic Not Everything Sucks logo for the brand and who let Richard tattoo it on him too. His art is an inspiration.